Friday, August 24, 2007

Last night was the best night's sleep I have had before a comp. It was a combination of less nerves, and not worrying about making weight; experience is invaluable. It does feel a little weird doing a comp out of the usual preparation cycle, and in fact temporarily interrupting the beginning of a new training sequence. I can't complain about getting some reprieve from the speed training I was doing as my poor body was really suffering. I have had Thursday and Friday off, so combined with Sunday I will have 3 rest days week.

I now have 4 weeks until we go to Italy, then on my return it is 9 weeks to Comm Titles.

However right now I am off to take my daughter to rowing ( I can complain about the pain of powerlifting, but I really pity poor those rowers on the water in the early winter mornings.)

I am off now and looking forward to the back end of competition stress for a while.


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