Thursday, August 16, 2007

I awoke this morning in pain. There is nothing like speed training to bring on DOMS within hours of training, and it lasts for days. Yesterday I did speed squats @ 50% of my max 1 rep (52.5kgs) for 6x6 with 30 seconds rest x3. That was followed by a 3 sets of good mornings, 1 set of speed deadlifts of 67.5kgs @ 3x8, and 3 sets of power shrugs. Needless to say I woke at midnight starving and scoffed a toasted muffin to get me thru the night.
As I was away earlier this week my training has been squashed into 3 days, which means I have to go thru a very similar torture today but with a deadlift focus - ouch!

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