Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm back and have lots to blog about.
I spent a few days in Melbourne away from work, phones, laptops and stress. I had time to de stress and relax. Now I am home I am all ready to refocus on my training.
I have done a few training sessions with Rod, and was back training today for a punishing squat session. I am still planning on benching in a PL comp next Saturday, although I am a little concerned that I have dropped some strength in the last few weeks of irregular training. I will bench this Saturday with my bench shirt on and see how I go. If it all looks good I will lift the following Saturday. My goal is to lift my comp PB to over 72.5kgs, taking another step toward my goal of breaking the Aust 56kg bench record of 80.5kg within the next 12 months.
My children, Mum and sister are going to come to NZ and watch me lift at the Commonwealth titles. It seems really weird booking their flights for the competition and it makes it very real and very scary. I haven't even organised my travel as I am not sure when I am travelling yet. I am now starting to realise how much work I have to do between now and then, and how much pain I will be going thru to get there.
I need to get back to proper nutrition and supplementation (Hi Liz!), and really get my mind back into an athlete mind set. I have about 6 weeks until I go to Italy for my 40th, so I am will train for some strength increases, then holiday, then come back for a 10 weeks cycle to Comm Titles. Woo hoo!!!!!!

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