Monday, August 06, 2007

I will be doing the bench press only in a competition August 25th at QLD Uni. Given the issues I had at Nationals we have decided that the more experience I can get the better. So from tomorrow, I am doing a very focused 3 week cycle on the bench. Nic said I should be able to get back to full strength very quickly, and now that Rod is coaching me it will give us a chance to work out how he manages me under competition conditions. Not that it will be overly stressful and I will go in at whatever I weigh on the day and will compete in the under 60kg category (assuming I stop all my post competition celebrations soon).
So, from tomorrow it is on!


Splice said...

That's awesome, I hope it all goes well for you Lisa.

Lisa said...

Training went well today, although I felt a little heavy!

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