Sunday, August 05, 2007

I have ended my rest week today with a very relaxing day. The Bridge to Brisbane was on here today, and it finishes in New Farm Park which is 2 blocks from my house, so I put my backpack on at 8am and walked over to Paddington to have breakfast with friends. After a good catch up I then walked the 70 minutes home again. It turned out to be a great choice of travel, as the roads into and out of New Farm where in absolute gridlock for hours.

Last night was Nic's farewell party in the Valley. I didn't stay for too long as I had already had a few celebrations during the week, and my poor body doesn't hold up too well to alcohol and late nights. However I believe it was a great send off!

I am not sure how to describe my emotions around him leaving; other than I am very happy that he gets to have a great adventure. I guess 90% of my powerlifting experiences have been as a result of Nic. After all not only did he suggested I give it a go, he taught me how to squat, bench and deadlift powerlifting style. He has taken me from complete novice to being a member of the Aust team in 20 months, which is a great achievement for both of us a coach and athlete. So I guess this is change, and a challenge for me.

The team I have going into Commonwealth Titles with Rod and Liz, and Nic via e-mail is very strong and I have total belief I will thrive.



Alicia said...

I didnt know you were in New Farm?!?! Have you been to Gerbino's on Brunswick Street? Fantastic coffee :)

Lisa said...

Yes, and yes. It is very good.


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