Thursday, August 30, 2007

Powerlifting = Pain

I have decided that there is no aspect of powerlifting that doesn't involve pain. I am mid way thru a 6 week training cycle that started with speed reps, which always seem like incredible torture while performing them. There is nothing fun about doing 50+ reps of squats or deads in 10 minute period. I am now moving into more traditional strength training, so the weight lifted has from 55% of max 1RM to 75% 1RM. Today I sit on the couch suffering DOMS from squatting 55kgs one week to 70kgs the next (plus the addition of power cleans and pistol squats). Just to top if off I have had a core and shoulder stability session added to my training and my mid section is a little tender too :-(

In the next 3 weeks the weight lifted will increase to finish with a week of doubles - and we all know the pain of very heavy lifting and the associated equipment.

I do love my sport - but I am just having a bit of a pity moment. On the positive side I am off to have a relaxing recovery sauna session right now.


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