Thursday, August 02, 2007

Recovery week..

This week I have been visiting my new gym, doing a couple of spin classes, light cardio and a light work out. I have followed these sessions up with a relaxing steam before I come home and go to work. I have done quite a few lunches with clients and business partners that I have been putting off for a month, and a couple of drinks with friends. My tummy has struggled a little coping with the reintroduction of richer food and wine, however I have been moderate with my food, just the occasional treat and I am pretty happy to go back to my training plan from the weekend. My weight has gone up only1kg, so I am the same weight I was about 10 days out from Nationals. This is all goodness.

I am about to go and get my long black coffee, make my oats for breakfast. I am then catching up with Nic and Rod (new coach) for brunch. I am having lunch with one of my favourite girlfriends and I think we will go to a lovely vegetarian restaurant in West End. The afternoon is being spent with a business partner I really enjoy working with. Then an early dinner and off to bed.


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Magda said...

Hi Lisa,

life sure sounds good right now so enjoy these happy, less stressful times.

:-) Magda

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