Thursday, September 13, 2007

My latest challenge; I am growing again.

The first photo was taken in April and the second last month, so only 4 months apart. Of course this is just my back and powerlifting is very back dominant, but due to the large compound lifts the muscle growth is consistent. I am finding that I am getting quite self conscious about my size, particularly my chest and arms as they do come in for comment on a regular basis. I can cover up in the winter, but it is getting harder as the weather becomes warmer. The other issue with this growth is that it makes it more difficult to make my weight category (56kg) each time I lift at competition as I am simply getting heavier.

I am qualified for the 56kg category for the Commonwealth Titles, and while I am still 12 weeks out Liz and I have already started on getting my body weight down. I only need to drop 3-4kgs, but as a strength athlete it is essential to keep my calories up and nutrient balance consistent so I can train and recover. I also am not able to "throw in" a few extra hard cardio sessions. The whole thing is a real balancing act and I am sure I am posing quite a challenge for Liz as I know from time to time this rocks my usual steely mind.

After a huge training session, and often the next day, I would love to add a extra food to assist recovery but I need to have my weight division on my mind the whole time. I am finding this really tough since nationals, and I have to admit to having a self pity moment this week.

Just as a point of interest this is what I looked like before I started power lifting. So if anyone is looking to build muscle I would strongly suggest to throw in a few PL exercises and as they say "put some weight on the bar".

Time to hit the gym for some shoulder and core stability training.


Virginie said...

What fantastic results!!
Hi Lisa,
I'm a fellow Brisbanite, BB and powerlifting enthusiast who has been following your progress through your blog for a little while!
Just fantastic work all around.

I was wondering if you could let me know where you train? I would like to give powerlifting a go.

Thank you in advance for your help

Have a great weekend.

my email:

Lisa said...

Hi Virginie,

Thanks for your support. I train at a couple of gyms, but I do a lot of my lifting at the UQ powerlifting club. Have a look at the powerlifting Aust web site that is linked on my blog too.

What info would you like about powerlifting?


Claudine said...

Its amazing to see the difference! I've been addicted to your blog for quite some times... I am a future Figure Competitor - competing for the first time in November - and everyday I read you, motivation hits the roof! You are truly inspiring!

Can't wait to read more of you...

Claudine xxx

Lisa said...

Hi claudine,

I visited your blog, but I am afraid I couldn't read it.
Thanks for your kind words, as sometimes powerlitfing can be a pretty tough sport and with not many women involved I do feel alone on occassion.

Good luck with your comp...and I will see if I can have my daughter translate your blog for me!


Virginie said...

HI Lisa,

Thank you very much for the info. I've done couple of Figure and Fitness comps with INBA and ANB over the past few years, and dabble in PL last year as i trained with Damon Hayhow (Biologic Labs) for few months. Really really enjoyed the PL training.

Currently train 2-3 times a week, around the 3 lifts, but i suppose more in a BB kind of way. Lots on my plate at the moment, and looking to get back to PL training at the end of November.

So basically looking for a coach and a place to train!

All the very best to you for your prep to the Commonwealth! What a journey :-)
Have a great time in Italy

Thanks again,

Lisa said...


I have sent you an e-mail so maybe I can help you find a coach.


Splice said...

Shoot!!! Your back has spread girl ;-)
I can't believe it, im so impressed.
After my comp im going to pick your brains as to what PL exercises I should add into my training program.

Your amazing Lisa!

Lisa said...

happy to help...although it all happened without me actually noticing it.

Splice said...

Haha...even better then! Just train and let your body do it's thing!

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