Saturday, September 15, 2007

And on the 7th day........

Rest day is my favourite day of the week. All I do is sit on the couch and read, watch TV and sleep. I also get up and walk to the kitchen to make one of my 6 or so meals of the day. Actually I went into the city very briefly today to buy some new work out pants (dragging tonnes of weight up and down my thighs reduces the life of even the highest quality work out pants), and while I was there I brought home my favourite Sumo Salad -Spicy BBQ Prawn. I added some avocado to it, and it was the perfect lunch.

I am just about to lie down on my rather large couch with the balcony doors open and have a sleep for an hour or so. Then I will have fruit salad and soy yoghurt for afternoon tea.



Nic said...

Hi Lisa,
Fantastic development. All your hard work is definitely paying off!

Magda said...

Wow Lisa that sounds like total bliss!!

At 3 weeks out my Saturday was just short of 2 hours training and diet as strict as is tolerable (my fault really as I've had few too many splurges :-)) But the finish line is getting closer and I'm getting quite excited and a little nervous now too.

Great work on your back development too!!



Lisa said...

Thanks ladies - however I think I am a bit too big. I guess cause I am not meaning to develop like this is is a bit of a shock when I see it.


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