Friday, November 09, 2007

110kg squat

Today was the day...the squat session that I have been waiting for. Pavel, a friend and former world no.6, came out to the Uni with Rod and I to sort out my depth issues. I had mentioned that I have been disappointed in my squat, and while there was plenty of power I kept pulling up short. The first thing Pavel asked me was what did I want to squat today, and I said I wanted to do 110kgs for 2 reps. He then asked how many sets, so I said 3. Now my PB is 105kgs, so shooting for 110kgs for 3 sets (even @ 2 reps) might have seemed a bit aggressive. Pavel was fantastic, incredibly encouraging and yet tough. He said that if I go short than that rep is a waste, it is a waste of a session. After my warm up we went to 100kgs, and it looked ok. I was nervous going to 110kgs, and a couple were short and couple were ok. He was really happy with my last set and felt they were both great reps.

He gave me some great tips on walking out, breathing, head space and Rod picked up some more experience on other things including knee wrapping technique. It was such a valuable session and one I am sure I will remember as a turning point in my powerlifting career.

I learnt;

  • squatting deep with a heavy weight is scary for everyone, and
  • there is more power there....just squat hard (or go home)

I am totally exhausted now, but I have a sense of relief and expectation of what is to come.


PS Lia..I wore my WW T-shirt you gave me..thanks!


Anonymous said...

Well done on the squats Lisa. Remember that "fear is just weakness leaving our bodies". And I'm glad you wore your wwt t-shirt, I'm still waiting for a photo you know. ;o)

Lisa said...

I will take a snap today!!

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