Thursday, November 08, 2007

The count down has begun! Yesterday was the 4 week mark to Commonwealth Titles, and Rod feels I am pretty much on track. I thought I would be freakin out at this stage, but everything is under management and looks to be falling into place. So this is where I am at

Logistics; airfares and accommodation are all organised.

Clothing; Team tracksuit is here, and waiting on t-shirts

Equipment; I have all my equipment except a smaller bench shirt that was ordered last week and should arrive next week. I do need to buy a new bag to carry it all in though.

Weight; I had a tough week last week due to a 1.5kg spike due to TOM. However today I am back to where I was this time last week, and back on track. I need to drop around another 2-3kgs of bf, then I will manage the last few days as I normally do. I am at the same weight as my preparation into Nationals, so I am at a good place. Just need to be consistent and disciplined.

Nutrition: I am very comfortable with my current plan. I love the food and really have no issues sticking to it. It seems to be providing me with the correct amount of energy and allowing a speedy recovery.

Recovery ; It is a constant effort to keep my recovery program up so I am in the best possible condition to train heavy 4 days a week. The nutrition is the easy part, but I had been a bit slack with sauna therapy so I have been 3 times this week. I am doing a light walk then hitting the sauna in the morning and I enjoy this process. Rod gives me one session a week when I do light technique work and stretching - this is now my favourite time in the gym! Massage once a week, although this will increase soon. I am removing as much stress as possible from my life right now too.

Lifting; All my lifts look strong, and the only issue I have at present is missing the depth on occasion on my squat. This is only happening on the heavier lifts so it is clearly a confidence issue. On the positive side this is easier to fix than a technique floor so close to comp.

So all is good, and I am off the take my kids to breakfast.


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