Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have just visited a number of blogs that I read and it seems like everyone is obsessed,worried, or hating food right now. You know it must be the end of bodybuilding season when all the figure girls are having huge self esteem issues as they adjust to putting on a couple of kilos of post comp weight. Now I have done a few comps in the past so I am no one to preach, but seriously girls..............why do you keep doing it to yourselves???????????

You do realise that the reason you are putting on weight is so that you can build a better physique to present the next time you lean down right?

(I don't mean to offend or to be insensitive to any one's struggles, but I figure that if you have the right to obsess about it on blogger I have the right to offer some perspective)


Magda said...

Hi Lisa,

yep I'm absolutely guilty of the above and a bit ashamed that I'm not handling it better but this is unchartered territory for me only having competed once.

I understand your frustration though. I used to be a PT and one of the reasons I gave it away was because people like me frustrated me no end LOL!!!



Magda said...

Oops forgot to say that I've been following your journey and am very impressed and inspired by your achievements and want to wish you all the best for the Commonwealth Titles.

GO LISA!!!!!!

Cheers again,


Anonymous said...

Well said! Bravo Lisa. :o)

I go to work every single day to protect my country so that we all have the freedom of speach. It's a very valid question and one worth thinking about. If you're going to complain about things the very next question you have to ask yourselves is "well then, what am I doing about it"?

That's my two cents for what it's worth.

Lia xx

Anonymous said...

ahh Lisa,

someone with a different approach, how refreshing!!!

I hope you are proud of your achievements you have achieved so much and I can't believe its only 8 days to go...WOOOHOOO!!

Are you nervous yet?

Also will this be on tv or somewhere where we can watch and support and cheer for you?

Combat Girl

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