Friday, November 23, 2007

Good Morning Lia!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

You've just reminded me about this awesome abstract painting down here in Armadale, Melbourne. Its of wonder woman and everytime I walk past it I think of you. I've thought of ways of taking a picture of it but I don't want to get arrested LOL.

BTW you are looking good, especially that tiny waist of yours!!

Combat Girl

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

YAY Lisa, now I can see how fab you look in your wonder woman t-shirt and you're right. Your girls look great in it. *giggles* ;o) xx

Lisa said...

Hopefully the girls take attention awawy from the dark circles @ 5am in the morning

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment in my blog. I actually entered a powerlifting comp for fun when I was at uni, but never went any further with it. Mybe something to consider for the future...
Ali Gascoigne (who I think represents NZ in the Masters category in powerlifting) always amazes me as she stays so lean all year round. She does powerlifting comps then slips in a BB show if it fits into her schedule!
When you said about losing the food fixation, is that because you're eating to fuel your training?
Cheers, Charlotte

Lisa said...

Hi Charlotte,
The "food fixation" I am talking about is that to be a competitve PLer you have to eat the same thing day in and day out. You can never skip a meal and lift, you can never drop a whole food group out otherwise you can't lift.

You eat and train, and don't alter that regardless of what the scales or the morror say....that consistany is what the body needs.

It doesn't matter what I look like.....and that brings peace to your diet.


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