Friday, November 23, 2007

This is just some of the equipment that I have collected over the past 18 months of competing. In fact I have bought the following

  • 3 squat suits (1 too small)

  • 1 deadlift suit

  • suit slips

  • 3 x soft suits ( I like to have a spare one)

  • 4 x knee wraps

  • 1 x wrist wraps

  • 4 belts - 1 broke, 1 wasn't legal, 1wasn't comfortable

  • shin guards

  • squat shoes

  • 3 bench shirt (progessively buying them tighter despite getting bigger)

  • deadlift shoes

  • 2 gear bags - the latest one on wheel to easily drag all this stuff around.

I have also ordered another bench shirt (different brand) wrist wraps and knee wraps for next year, and I am thinking about a new squat suit.

I also have the bruises and scars to match all this gear!!!!

I have rested well the last 2 days and I am off to the Uni tomorrow to rip out another squat PB.



Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Lisa, shin guards, great idea! I have bruises on my knees and down my shins from doing deadlifts at the moment and have resorted to wearing long pants when training legs, even on hot days, LOL. Hope everything's going well for you. Cheers, Charlotte

Lisa said...

Shin guards are crucial..then you don't have to think about hurting yourselve - just lifting well.

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