Friday, November 16, 2007

It is squat day today. While I had great success last week with my 110kgs squats you can see the damage the equipment does to my mid section and upper thighs. This photo was taken last Sunday, however most of these have faded now. I do have some pale white marks on my thighs and arms that I may have forever as a result of continual use of equipment.

Today I am going to use my red Inzer Hard Core suit to squat in for the first time this preparation. It takes some time to get in to, and also to stretch into to get the required depth so I am expecting today's session to be challenging, and fortunately Pavel is coming along again to spur me on. We are going to have breakfast after and I hope he can impart some comforting words about international competition.

The Commonwealth Titles are less than 3 weeks away now and I am getting quite anxious. Only 2 more dead lift sessions, 3 more squat sessions and 5 more bench sessions.


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