Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 is going to be a great year for me.....I am shooting for the stars.
2007 was a very successful year, and a year in which I achieved all things I dreamed of and hoped for. I feel very satisfied and my plan for 2008 is well in place and I just can't wait for the last 9 hours of 2007 to tick by so that I can get into it. I still have some heavy lifting (excuse the pun) to do in respect to some strength training study and business plan implementation, but I am finally getting the opportunity to focus on my passion; and that makes the work enjoyable. So what's going on for me in 2008?
Powerlifting Competitions
April 19th-20th
2008 Australian Juniors/Masters/Intervarsity and ABSF Championships and Victorian Open - Melbourne University, Melbourne, Victoria.
July 26th -27th
2008 Australian Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships - Newcastle, New South Wales
October 1st -4th (still need to qualify and be selected)
2008 World Masters Powerlifting Championships - Palm Springs, California, USA
December 5th -8th
2008 Oceania Powerlifting Championships - Papetee, Tahiti
I am sitting on the sofa and have just been cursing my coach as he tells me I need to get into to gym 3 times this week before I start my next sequence for 2008....I can see why looking at this, and I am starting to feel a little more motivated!
Strength coaching and other PL stuff
I expect to complete my Level 1 coaching certs for ASCA in the next 60 days, and will start doing some work with women who want to be strong and fabulous. I am very passionate about what some heavy iron can do, for not only your physique, but also female health in general. I will be working with my coach on this and another International level powerlifter. I will have more details of this over the coming months, but if anyone is interested in building the glutes and abs to be able to squat more than your body weight, or the upper body to do unassisted chin ups drop me an e-mail. In fact I would love to hear from you about being a strong, fit and fabulous person.....
I also have a few other seminars and training courses booked, as well as a bunch of other things going on.
Right now I need to sleep before I go train.
Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful year ahead of you. Best of luck with all your prep, its all very exciting.

Hope you have a brilliant NYE


Raechelle said...

Have a great New Year LISA! Can't wait to watch you achieve all your goals for the year-Good Luck!

LizN said...

You rock Lisa :) All my best wishes for a fantastic 2008.
Liz N

Nic said...

Hi Lisa,

Congrats on a fabulous 2007. I hope 2008 is even better.

I am moving to Brisbane in January. Once I get settled in I will get I will be in touch as it would be great to see you in action.

Train hard,

Lisa said...

Yes Ladies 2008 looks great!

Nic, be great to catch up.


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Lisa,
Happy New Year! Best wishes for your competitions and other goals this year.

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