Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have been away from home for 1 week and fly back in tonight at 6pm. While I have been away I have done a few training sessions to keep my body moving, otherwise the DOMs pain is too much to bear in the first week back. I have enjoyed some yummy Xmas food, I have slept in and I feel relaxed.

From New Year I have 16 weeks until my next competition, and this will be made up of 2 x 8 week cycles. The first cycle is being based on a West Side Barbell style training (hard core PL), and the second will a more traditional PL prep to take me to comp.

I have been intentionally eating more since the Commonwealth Titles finished, and those extra treats will be decreased and replaced with functional nutrients. I will do a weight and body fat check in 2 weeks and expect to be only 3kgs above my weight class, which will put me in a perfect position 14 weeks out.

I am off now to enjoy another yummy brunch before we fly home.




LizN said...

Sounds awesome Lisa. I'll be really keen to read about the Westside training method and of course hear about what you think of all of these yummy new recipes ;)


Combat Girl said...

Sounds like you have everything under control Lisa. That's great.

Enjoy your sauna tomorrow morning.

Combat Girl

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