Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In Action!!


Helen said...

My heart was beating almost as fast as yours during the squat. ARGHHGHGHGHG!!

Kel x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Wow that looks hard!! You look amazing by the way. The difference in your body shape is apparant, what did you do different with your nutrition?

Combat Girl

Lisa said...

Hey Combat Girl,

I have been working with Liz Nelson since May this year, and we have been trialling a number of things and we think we finally have it right. I will put a post up on it.

Also, 2 years of heavy lifting has really changed my shape as well...lot more muscle and very balanced.


Splice said...

My goodness!! I love your strength and motivation towards PL.
Looking at these pictures and reading about your nutrition makes me want to change sport lol, move up to an even tougher challenge. But in reality I don't think i'm cut out for PL but having a go at it is something I am willing to do ;-) , it's good to try things out at least once.

You have come so far in one year, what an achievement!! Your an inspiration to us all.


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