Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bio Signature report update

I am on the 3rd day of implementing the changes required under my bio signature report. I am currently 16% bodyfat with 52kgs lean muscle. The objective is to have me at 12% bodyfat which is the optimum percentage so I can compete in my 56kg class without having to take any measures to "make weight".
My results show low growth hormone, low androgen's, estrogen imbalance and alcohol intolerance. To address these hormonal imbalances and to "detox" my system I am on a 30 day strict dietary protocol (not calorie restricted) with nutrient and supplement timing. I have also had to add a few training measures.
So what does this mean?
The first 2 days were fun, but I hit a wall last night and slept badly, woke up starving with a head ache and my pee is orange! (I also had a HUGE day at work and it is TOM so I am probably getting hit from a few different angles).
So the food.......I am on a modified Poliquin "Lean and Green" protocol. The list is reasonably extensive but contains lean protein (includes the egg yolks - Poliquin says egg whites are for dorks!), all green vegetables and all green fruit. There is a long list of smart fats, and prescribed pre and post work out nutrition that contains simple sugar carbs. I must eat every 2.5 hours and each meal must contain protein, vegetables and smart fats.
I have a list of supplements that I take at certain times of the day to address the hormonal imbalances and common athlete deficiencies.
After 14 days I get 1 cheat day, then we start to add in other food in a particular order.
Well, I am off the make myself an omelet w green veggies.


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Lisa, wow, really interesting results. Was it all determined through bodyfat testing, or did you have to provide some other sorts of test results to Krista as well?

Lisa said...


There were 12 b/f sites, girth mesurements and a very extensive questionaire.


Raechelle said...

Well I guess I'm a dork-LOL! I'm surprised about the yolk...I know that eating a couple of yolks a week have always been ok-but if I eat eggs 3 days a week-would Poliquin say to have yolks each time?

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