Thursday, January 03, 2008

The F6 arrived yesterday! Yes this is the bench shirt that is going to take me to the next level....
"...from Titan, the company that introduced the most innovative and effective shirt design of the current millennia, comes a new concept for arched benchers that will take performance to new levels."
So I am an arched bencher, which means that when I lift I have a high arch in my back to shorten my range and leverage as much power thru my legs as possible. The F6 is designed to work for benchers like me, and here is more form the Titan web site.
"While an arch creates a short, efficient stroke that also allows for more effective utilization of major supportive muscle groups such as the lats, the very act of arching can sometimes create its own set of problems when using bench shirts. Namely, control. Control problems can be evident when the lifter has to fight to keep the bar in the groove as it is descending. This type control issue sometimes results in the bar skating off the "bubble" either back towards the lifters head or forward towards the lifters abs."
Woo Hoo!!!

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