Friday, January 04, 2008

I am having one of those days when the body needs more food, so as I eating some very yummy meals I thought I would share what I am eating

M1: Goji berries, protein shake with vital greens and Melrose hazelnut spread

M2: egg whites, mushrooms, spinach, long black

M3; soy latte

M4; Tuna salad

M5: Barambah yoghurt & Melrose hazelnut spread

M6; Tofu and veges, carrots, hummus and Melrose cashew spread (loving my fats today), grapes

M7: I haven't got this far yet, but I am pretty hungry so I reckon it will be a BIG chicken salad.

I really hammered my upper body yesterday in my quest to bench over 80kgs in April, so I am feeding those muscles lots of good clean food to recover as quickly as possible.

My daughter has just come home from work with a 35gm block of organic dark chocolate.....yum I just ate that too. Looks like the ratio will be about 40(fat)/35(p)/25(carb), which is a little out from my usual 30/40/30....but I am just listening to my body. I guess all that food will amount to about 1700 calories - looks like more don't you think?

On the subject of food....and weight. Since my comp in early Dec and after intentionally increasing my calories post comp, with easing off heavy training, and with the Xmas & New Year celebrations just finishing up I have only gained 2.5kgs in one month. I have to put this down to the Precision Nutrition lifestyle I have adopted and the incredibly satisfying food I eat daily.

I think I am starting to fill up......but I am still looking forward to that salad.



Anonymous said...

Love the sound of ur menu today, very nice

Have a great weekend


Raechelle said...

I agree with CAT-the menu sounds yummy! Though it took me a minute to figure out "long black"-I was totally thinking "what food is that?"-then it hit me duh-coffee! (after 10 years in Aus-I still forget certain phrases!-LOL!)
Sounds like your plan is working!
Good luck-and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Alright then, who's Nic and how do you know him. We've just posted a comment in "the proposal" because it's my hubby's half brother that proposed to his then girlfriend. Couldn't believe it when I saw your pic in the comments Lisa. :o) xx

Lisa said...

OMG......Nic was my powerlifiting coach for 18 months, and he moved to Russia with his wife in August last year.

Small world!!!!!!

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