Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Heavy Bench Training

Day 1 for bench training in my quest to Aust Master & Juniors in April.


55kgs 3 sets 3 reps

Narrow Grip lock out (narrow bench working on top 1/4 of lift);

65-70kgs 3 sets 5 reps

Skull crushers:

22.5kgs 3 sets 6 reps

BB bicep curls

25kgs 3 sets 6 reps

It was a strong session and very happy to be locking out my comp PB with no bench shirt under multiple reps. This next 6 weeks is all about near max lifts and speed - just good old fashioned training. Oh yeah - bring that on.

For those of you interested in the rep range, I respond extremely well to volume at the 4-6 range. When I say respond well I mean get strong. Rod had me do 8 reps recently and it felt like cardio - lol!

have a good night.



Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine lifting that kind of weight Lisa. You're a rock star!

Oh and I've just sent you an email. :o) xx

Lisa said...

Those weights will just get bigger ...on my way to Word titles!!

I look forward to your e-mail.


LizN said...

8 reps :) Cardio :) You must be a strength athlete!

Liz :)

Spartze said...

Love reading your blog - this tyope of training really interests me. All the best for the months ahead.

Raechelle said...

Great session! When you mention the kilos-does that include the bar? Just curious! When including the bar (not an olympic bar at our gym) my last one rep max was 52K-I can't imagine doing 3 reps-your awesome! But then again-I suppose that's why you get the medals-LOL!

Lisa said...

Hi raechelle,

Yes we always include the bar - need to know the total lifted.

52kgs is a great lift!

Yes Liz - I must be a strength athlete - and loving it.

Friday said...

Lisa- yr a freakin machine.

Im catching you...

25kgs bench. ha ha ha

Pfffft- i think im about 27 years away.

Take care


Lisa said...

Hey Friday,

The weight you lift isn't important. It is the intensity with which you lift that improves your physique and makes you strong.

Being a PLer I use a technique that recruits my legs, lats, tricepc etc and they all move the bar to assist my chest to be stronger. It is all about leverage.


Combat Girl said...

WOW Lisa,

Tbe weights you are lifting are awesome!!

I am amazed, you really are Wonder Woman!!

Combat Girl

Lisa said...

Thanks..OK, yes I really am WW!

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