Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rest day today!

Yesterday at work I wore high heals for the first time in ages, and walked quite a distance to a meeting that I was late for. As a result my knee destabilised a little, so instead of going to the gym this morning and doing my 15 mins cardio (yes, I know Liz it is so funny) and sauna recovery protocol I have decided to rest instead. I am not lifting today either so I might pop up to the gym for a sauna later in the day, or wait until tomorrow.

I am seeing a pyhsio today about my hip issue, and at this point Rod and I seem to think it may be related to the knee and the new squat stance. I think rotating my feet out has opened up the hips and put pressure on the knees. My guess is that I will just rotate the feet back to a more parallel position. Will see what the physio says............

Rest is all about recovery, and I have already polished off 3 meals (it is 9.15am) as a result of the intensity of the load I lifted yesterday. I think it will be one of those days when the body soaks up the nutrients as it goes through the recovery process - this is great as it means I am getting stronger.



Splice said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm happy to organize a day for us to get together for a torture session ;-). Just what I need at the moment!

Lisa said...


I wondered what happened to you.

Send me an e-mail.


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