Saturday, January 12, 2008

My coach is trying to kill me - lol! Yesterday I finished my first week back and I can say that I put 100% into all my training sessions this week, and Rod pushed me 100% in each session. I spent more time gasping for air, seeing stars and digging deep than I have in ages. It is so great to be in a hypertrophy stage rather than a comp preparation stage. There has been a lot of clean quality food this week to fuel all this training.

Yesterday was Dynamic Bench

Speed bench
- 3 grips (wide, mid , narrow)
32.5kgs, 8 sets 3 reps 1 min rest

Narrow bench
45-47.5kgs, 4 sets 6 reps

Dynamic bent over rows
55-60kgs, 4 sets 6-8 reps

Shoulder press
25kgs, 3 sets 6 reps

Bicep curls
25kg, 3 sets 6 reps

Today is massage, sauna and breakfast at one of my all time favourite cafes to catch up with my hubby.



Raechelle said...

You look so tiny next to your trainer-even makes the amounts you lift that much more amazing! Hope you had a wonderful massage and sauna after that hardcore workout!

Lisa said...

Rod's a pretty big guy. Didn't make the sauna but slept and watched movies instead.


Combat Girl said...

HI Lisa,

I was going to say I hope you enjoyed the sauna, but you didn't make it. SOmetimes it's nice to just sit!!

Awesome weights you're lifting, you truly inspire me.

Combat Girl

Magda said...

Hi Lisa,

I just caught up with your blog and read the post below about how you train and why you train that way. I found it REALLY interesting. Thanks for writing about it.



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