Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My new mentor - Krista

This is Krista Schaus, Elite Powerlifter, Poliquin Certified Professional and my hero! I met Krista on line thru Precision Nutrition and then met her in person at the Commonwealth Titles in NZ. She won silver in the open 67.5kg div. I was fortunate to be able to take a place as a client of Krista's in early Jan and she is now guiding my nutrition and supplementation.

So my results........over the past 15 days I have lost 1% bodyfat and gained 1% lean muscle. My weight is the same but my skinfolds told a different story. My androgen sites have decreased by 30% and my growth hormone sites have increased by 30% - hence the big lifting I have been doing. Pretty impressive!

Loving my hero right now.



Anonymous said...

Freaking hell Lisa, those numbers are pretty darn great for 15 days worth!!! Impressive not the word for that - and TOTALLY love Krista wearing sunnies benching!!! Now that looks cool!!!

Combat Girl said...

Super heroes also have hero's, AWESOME!!

The results are very impressive Lisa.


Lisa said...

Fernster, I can hardly believe the numbers myself except I can literally see my arms growing daily!

Theo, everyone needs a hero!


Charlotte Orr said...

Yay, great work Lisa and Krista!

LizN said...

Awesome Lisa :) I'm impressed :)

Big hugs

Lisa said...

Thanks Char and Liz....I am really working hard on this. I want that Aust Bench press record this year!!!!!


Raechelle said...

You never cease to amaze me! And I'm confident you will hit that record!

Anonymous said...

Awesome well done. The record is totally within your reach

Friday said...

Oh my god.. and i am so lovin you. Every time i check out yr blog i just shake my head. You are my hero, and i am totally in awe.
Awesome gains. You rock.
Sorry if that is a bit stalky wierd like... but you know what i mean. tee hee


Lisa said...

Raechelle & Cat I am not going to stop until I get to that number!

Friday, you are not stalking me at all....I am pleased to provide a bit of inspirtion to your day.


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