Monday, January 28, 2008

Time for a cup a tea - green of course!

I am sitting on my couch with a cup of tea and a handful of nuts and seeds pondering that past 14 days of my lean and green diet. Tomorrow I have a weigh in, and more importantly skinfolds done, to see how my body has reacted to the diet and supplementation. I won't second guess what the results will be, but I can tell you that despite the strict regime my strength has gone up in absolute terms.

Today was heavy bench and while I needed a spot I did 4 sets of 2 reps @ 60kgs - this is a raw (no equipment) PB for me. However the really exciting area is my triceps. They are getting crazy strong, and as long as I can get my pecs to move the bar off my chest far enough they kick in and the bar flies up. This is very exciting for a competition PL'er as we use bench shirts that provide that lift into the triceps, so the triceps become the prime movers. I can see a nice PB increase in April.

The converse all stars worked a treat on Sunday and my squat is finally starting to look good. My depth is excellent, foot placement and step out consistent & my knees are staying out. I still need to work on keeping my elbows down so I don't rock onto my toes, and most importantly to slow down and treat each rep as a single lift. Progress!!

Well it is time to cook my last lean and green dinner. Tomorrow is "cheat day", and I am going to have oats at breakfast, Japanese food at dinner followed by a small amount of dark chocolate. Then from Thursday I am back on the protocol but I get to add coloured vegetables.

Have a great night.



Anonymous said...

Hope the weigh in and skinfolds going well in the morning. Im sure you will ace them.

Enjoy the 'cheat' day, im sure u will savour every bite

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Lisa, glad to hear things are going well with your lifting. Look forward to hearing about your test results. Cheers, Charlotte

Combat Girl said...

coloured vegies, woohooo!!LOL

It will be interesting to see your results, especially since you handled the green only vegies with such grace.

Good to hear that your technique is coming along nicely also.

Your'e kickn butt!!


Raechelle said...

Awesome! You inspire to go heavy next bench's been a while since I've done a max-but now I'm pumped!
Enjoy your japanese food and chocolate-sounds divine!

Lyndsay said...

Great to hear!
Yesterday I was in the gym and saw a guy deadlifting in just his socks. Instead of thinking this guy was a tool for taking his shoes off in the middle of the gym, thanks to you I recognised he must be a powerlifter going for more Glute activation!
Haha. Love it!

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