Saturday, January 05, 2008

The road ahead

Tomorrow is the start of preparation for my next competition with 14 weeks and 5 days to build strength, refine technique and focus on getting closer to Elite II level. It has been almost 5 weeks since the Commonwealth Titles, and I it was great to have an off season over Xmas and New Year.
I am carrying a minor knee injury that I expect to heal in the next week or so, however this will hold my squat back a is what is it.
The next 6 weeks are focusing on gaining more strength in each of the lifts and adding muscle. This will be the challenging period to get as close as possible to my weight category, with eating enough to recover and to take full advantage of this hypertrophy phase. I am very lucky to be working with Krista Schaus ( an internationally successful lifter), and she will be taking on my nutrition, supplementation, training timing and hormonal balancing. Rod is still overseeing the training programs, but I have 2 other lifters advising on technique and programming - big team for one little girl!
After this I have 1 week off and the 4 weeks of technique specific work, then 4 weeks preparation.
I think I might have to make it an early night. Just thinking about it makes me tired! I start tomorrow with a full weigh/measure/picture session.


Raechelle said...

Too bad about your knee-I hope it heals quickly!
Good luck with your prep!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Lisa, will be interested to hear how you go with Krista. Does she use the Biosignature method with overseas clients? From what I've read of it, it sounds really interesting. Cheers, Charlotte

Lisa said...

Hi Charlotte,

Yes she does use Biosignature method with distance clients. I wil have my profeile back next week, and will be happy to share.


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