Saturday, January 05, 2008

For Lia.....

This is Nic and I at a comp just over 12 months ago.

For CG..... in bikinis in 2005!!


Anonymous said...

Right I remember now. So is it his wife's sister that is now engaged to my husbands half brother? :o)

Lisa said...

No, it is his sister Kate that is now engaged.

Anonymous said...

Oh okay, now I get it. LOL!! I'm a bit slow now I live in the country. LOL!!

Combat Girl said...

Good on you Lia blame the Country LOL!!

Wow Lisa, you looked great. I really like that look of health and femininity.

I assume from your blogging etc that you prefer Power Lifting to Figure comps, I haven't been there yet but I reckon its harder having to starve yourself LOL!

Thankyou sweetie really appreciate you posting it for me.

Combat Girl

Lisa said...


The two are very different. As Powerlifting is a sport with training leading up to an athletic event the pressure is extremely intense, and the adrenalin rush is mad. In fact intense is a good way to describe lifitng; but you get to relax and recover (and eat!)daily as well. BB is tough cause you never get a break, so the pressure is constant though not as intense.

You have to do your own thing, and I will always be pleased I did BB, but I am a power chick thru and thru!


Lisa said...


You are anything but slow!!!

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