Saturday, February 09, 2008

I am a Powerlifter.

Michael told me how much thicker my back had become recently, so I asked him to take a photo. To be honest I wasn't sure if I wanted to post it, as I still find my muscle mass confronting. However after thinking about it I realised that if I am to continue to be honest and real, then I should post it.

4 years ago


Anonymous said...

BAM! Girl's got back! OMG Lisa, that's incredible. How could you not want to post that, the changes are amazing. Well done! :o) xx

Combat Girl said...

I'll have the one with the muscles thanks. Thats an amazing difference sweetie.

Thankyou for sharing it with us.

Raechelle said...

Thanks for sharing-I'm with could you not want to show that off-it looks great and you've worked hard for it!

Anonymous said...

I think you look sensational, well done

Lisa said...

I guess I lift heavy weights to be stonger not for the purpose of building muscle, so I am always suprised when I see pictures.

Believe it or not I very rarely check my muscular development.

However I do appreciate the positive comments.


Lisa said...
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LizN said...

Lisa, I think your muscles look great. It is confronting though because you don't "see" it :)


Lyndsay said...

I wanna look like that!

Ali said...

WOW I'm so glad you posted this, that's a credit to you training, inspirational.

Have a great week and thanks for the supportive comment on my blog

Ali xxx

Charlotte Orr said...

Wow Lisa, amazing changes. You should be proud of yourself.

Lisa said...

Thank you all for the comments...Maybe I can recruit you all to do some power moves!


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