Friday, February 08, 2008

Wonder Woman's Day

5am - wake meal 1

5.15 - Take daughter to rowing sheds

6am - go to market for fresh fruit and veg

7am - meal2

7.30 - pick up daughter and talk to rowing director re training program for Monday

8.30 - pre work shake

9am - Dynamic bench training

10.30 - post work shake

11am - pick up son's clothes for school dance

11.30 - go to powerlifitng competition (Rod lifitng today)

12pm - eat (will have packed 2 meals before this)

12.30 - train son at powerlifting club

2.30pm - supporting rod and eat again

4pm - back home for shave, exfoliate for fake tan - probably eat now

5pm - fake tan appointment for phoot shoot

7pm - dinner

7.30pm - take son to school dance

10.30pm - pick son up

11.00 - pass out


I hope you day is super charged.



Raechelle said...

Good lord-how do you stay up so late?!
I want to see the pics from the photo shoot..please, please...(can you hear the whiny sound I'm making?) :)
Hope you had a wonderful sleep!

Lyndsay said...

*joining in with the whining - please please please!*

Lisa said...

ok, ok (you have twisted my arm)....happy to share the pics.

The shoot is on Monday - sponsor stuff and other bits and pieces. I am looking forward to getting a bit girly for a change.


Anonymous said...

Goodness what a busy day you had. Cant wait to see the pics

Ali said...

Wonder woman!! that's an understatement,

I'm looking forward to seeing the pics as well;)

hope your mate did well today at his comp,

Ali xx

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Lisa,
Glad to hear everything is going so well for you.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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