Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I thought I should add a post to the picture today to fill you all in on what has been going on for me. On Monday I started training the First 8 rowers at Someville House, and while training 9 girls at once presented a bit of a challenge, the session flowed well and I am impressed with the strength and speed of these young athletes. I am looking after them 2 days a week, and I will have them stronger than they ever thought possible within a couple of months.
I am off to train 2 strength clients this morning who are after power lifitng technique instruction. They have been lifting for a while and are looking to take a leap forward, and this usually comes with adjusted technique - as I know from personal experience and the torture I have been through lately with my squat.
I am on day 30 of my Poliquin lean and green protocol - oh yeah! I am happy to report I was 100% compliant and am very excited to see what has happened to my bf levels. The measurements will need to be put off one week due to PMS as an accurate reading is not possible tomorrrow. I will call it early and say that I will have a 2kg bf loss and 500gm muscle increase. Let us wait and see.
Gotta run and do what I love to do........LIFT!!


Combat Girl said...

WOW I love the photos Lisa.

They are trully magnigicent.


Anonymous said...

Those rowers are very lucky to have you share your knowledge and experience.

Combat Girl said...

Hi Lisa,

Question for you.

Do you like your back in this photo?

I think it looks so lean and muscular, was just wondering what your perception was.


Lisa said...

Hey Theo,

Yes, it does look good here. I can see all those hours of lifting chiselled in my back.

I think this is what I do look like, and I love this...strong & lean but still feminine.

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