Saturday, February 02, 2008

No belief is right or wrong. It is either empowering or limiting.

A belief is nothing but the generalization of a past incident. As a kid if a dog bit you, you believed all dogs to be dangerous. To change a particular behavior pattern, identify the beliefs associated with it. Change those beliefs and a new pattern is automatically created.

I have found myself in a situation where I have had to challenge a few of my beliefs to move forward. As I have found in the past my journey to higher levels of my sport very rarely involve the sorts of challenges that you expect, and the major issues come from left of centre. When I am talking about beliefs I mean the sorts of things that you know to be true in your soul. The problem with beliefs (wrong ones) is that they can control 40% of your abilities.

Belief no. 1. My Squat.
I always believed that I had a great technique, and while my numbers were progessing I thought that something physcological was holding me back. Truth was that my technique was average and I had done well because I was strong; it was the technique that was the problem. BOOM!

Belief no.2 . Carb Tolerance.
I have believed over the past few years that I am carb intolerant and don't handle sugar well. This has lead to diet modification to get and stay lean. Turns out that this belief is wrong. According to tests and scientific measurements, I have good carb tolerance, and with additional supplementation it has increased further. BOOM!

Belief No 3. Leanness.
This one is the toughest to write about as I have only just admitted to myself - and now to all of you. I have believed that it is difficult for me to get lean, so anything I do to my diet to get those last few kgs off before a comp will be hampered by weight swings and a stubbornness. I admitted this to Krista today and she sent me on a journey to "flip the switch". I have been reading and doing mind exercises today, and I feel sick in my stomach after doing an exercise to change this belief - obviously a deep seated belief. I know it takes hard work and consistancy to get to 12% bf as I have been there and lower before, so I need to explore if I am making excuses for myself. This belief may take some work, but I know it will go .....................BOOM!

Off to have a little sleep as challenging myself is very tiring.



Raechelle said...

Good post-very true! And it's great that you are discovering new things about yourself-and we're learning too! :)

Combat Girl said...

We are all human hon.

It is hard changing our way of thinking BUT once done it empowers us further.

Proud of you and thank you for your honesty with us.

CG xx

Anonymous said...

Great post

Thought patterns and beliefs are definately the hardest thing to change. Well done on challenging your thought process.

Magda said...

What a great post Lisa. It had me rivetted to the screen and now my own mind is racing about some of my own limiting beliefs.

Thanks for sharing that.


Spartze said...

Wow your last two beliefs really hit home to me Lisa - heres to the mind exercises changing those.


Lisa said...

Thanks for your comments girls,

Spartze and Magda - challenge your beliefs. Say them out loud, write them down and make yourself prove that they are right. They will probably crumble pretty quickly!


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for the advice about the chalk. I've really been enjoying reading your blog lately. Cheers, Charlotte

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