Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The scientific proof that I was wrong..

A few days ago I wrote a blog about beliefs, and how powerful the mind was in limiting success with the incorrect belief. I had always "felt" that I was carb sensitive and it was more difficult for me to loose bf than other people. I had modified my carb intake over years, and expected to see a very tough time when dropping weight for my weight category. I can put these beliefs down to experiences in my past such as; thinking I was fat as a kid, having complex carbs and fruit removed from my diet over long periods when I was body building then not undestanding the body's natural reaction to refeeding, and of course the whole body image issues that we all suffer from.

One months ago Krista came back with the results from the Poliquin tests and told me that I had good carb/insulin tolerance, and after 2 weeks of supplementation my markers had improved to the point that I didn't need any further supplementation in this area. How could this be? I am the chick that gets fat if I eat too many carbs............or am I?

She then asked me to challenge the belief that it is difficult for me to get lean.....I am 40 years old and I maintain between 14 -16% bodyfat all year round enjoying great variety in my food. That doesn't sound like a person with fat metabolism issues and carb sensitivity. So the questions came ...."Where did I get this idea from and how much has the belief impacted on my life"

I believe that things come to you at times when you are ready for them.......1 day after my post on beliefs I received the results of DNA testing aimed at assisting althetes with planning and performance. There are 4 gene tests and the first one is Body Fat Metabolism; lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity. So this sealed the deal, here was the scientific proof and the results shocked me. My DNA proves that my Body Fat Metabolism is rated as EXCELLENT. I have a genetic advantage in this area! I am still speechless......

I have learnt so much from this process that will make me a better athlete, but that does not compare to how much healing I am going thru emotionally.

What do you believe?



Helen said...

You can't argue with that. We rely on so many myths that your results have just blown out of the water.

Lisa said...

yes....and after Liz finishes the report on my results we are going to see more suprising stuff too!

Keep posted to this channel!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are on a truely amazing journey of self discovery at the moment. Its almost like getting a gift to be told that your body fat metabolism is excellent. What wonderful and awesome results.

Lisa said...

Hi cat,

It is am amazing journey and you are right it is a gift. I am asking myself why have I made it so more difficult than it needs to be?

Raechelle said...

It's just amazing what can be figured out from these tests-really awesome stuff.
And really neat stuff to find out about yourself-the journey seems to be just beginning!

Anonymous said...

I believe i'd love to get these tests done! ;)

FABULOUS lisa..just bloody fabulous!

Lisa said...

You can all get these done...Liz Nelson will get you the kit and provide the feedback on how to optimise advatanges and deal with possible health issues...


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