Thursday, February 07, 2008

GO BIG!!!!!
Yesterday's training session was the heaviest lifting I have done in a while. As usual with these heavy sessions with a reasonable amount of volume it took 90 mins, then I did 20 mins of steady state cardio - so about the usual 2 hour training session.
Box Squats
6 x 60kgs, 6 x 65kgs, 6 x 70kgs, 6 x 72.5kgs
6 x 50kgs, 6 x 55kgs, 6 x 60kgs, 6 x 60kgs
Rack deads (10cm above knee)
6 x 120kgs, 4 x 150kgs, 6 x 140kgs
Rod trains me to keep under my fatigue levels, so for example while I could have pulled 150kgs again on my last set of rack deads, he wants to stop me from going to failure so I can recover quickly and be fresh for the next session. As he has been training me for a while he understands what levels of intensity and volume I can do and recover from quickly - great coaching!


ali said...

Hi Lisa,

Big congrats in regard to your sponsorship,

Don't think I've posted on your blog before :), I often read it though

I admire what you do!! and the post about your metabolic testing is great!! It is amazing the things we are able to find out about ourselves through modern testing.

have a wonderful weekend,

Ali xx

Lisa said...

Hi Ali,

I am pleased you came by. Hope you will keep posting here.


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