Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are you going to eat the bunny?

I just received an e-mail from my mentor Krista Schaus, asking this question. The content of the e-mail was so relevant, I had to share part of it with you.

Can YOU eat the bunny?

The answer:Depends on ...

Your progress thus far with the goal
Your dedication and determination to accomplish the goal
Your time frames involved in achieving the goal
Your current body fat / weight
Your will power (comes back to your determination about the goal)
Your body type or Biosignature profile...Wow! Who knew that eating chocolate at easter was such a complex decision making process.

So to wrap it all up...HAVE YOU EARNED YOUR BUNNY!

?Seriously... really... truly EARNED the bunny. (PS - 75% of you will not have earned the bunny just yet :-( ;-) )

If you are NEW at this game of eating well, exercises and making long lasting positive life changes, I would say NO to the bunny.

If you are highly carb intolerant and have been doing really well cleaning sugar out and processed non-foods out of your diet, also NO bunny.

If it's just not worth it - competing soon, don't really care about chocolate either way or have other things you would rather reward yourself with such as homemade pie or scalloped potatoes - NO bunny.

If you are on a bulking phase or strength building program going up a weight class or are a hard gainer trying to gain weight and lean mass - YES to the bunny (YES to 2 bunnies or a weekend of bunnies).

If you have recently accomplished a serious goal or competition and have fully EARNED it - Enjoy every bite of a moderate sized bunny with ZERO guilt. You earned it.

If you DO decide to eat the bunny, regardless of whether you should or not:

Krista's Rules of Easter Chocolate:

-Go for the darkest best quality chocolate (Lindt dark for example)

- Avoid commercial crappy Easter Cream Eggs or anything you can get from a Dollar Store- Quality over quantity

- Decide ahead of time how much you will have and when

- Make all your other meals good ones

- Stick to the plan

- Stay active-

ZERO guilt!

Happy Easter! Remember, it comes just once a year, so enjoy something but do not sabotage your entire progress thus far.


Combat Girl said...

Great Post Lisa.


Anonymous said...

Love it, thanx for sharing it.

10am is good. Any preference where we meet?

Anonymous said...

such a good Post Lisa and so right.

I have a lindt bunny living in my Pantry - but he is staying there until I reach my goal on April 20th I did a post about it the other day actually.


Lisa said...

Thanks Ladies...all the credit this tiem to Krista.

Cat send me an e-mail


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