Friday, March 21, 2008

The amazing Krista Schaus decided to turn her hand to bodybuilding for a while. I met Krista in NZ at the Commonwealth Powerlifitng Titles where she won a Silver in the open 67.5kgs class representing Canada. Krista is a member of John Beradi's PN team, and a Poliquin certified professional (amongst many other impressive accreditation's), and I have been fortunate to get a place as distance client. Krista has gone from 12% bf to 6% in 3 months and has gained muscle in the process. She currently eats between 1600-2100 cals a day and yes, heaps of carbs. But I guess with about 58kgs of lean muscle at 5ft 4" she has a pretty big metabolic furnace. I just smile at these stats as I can see myself edging closer everyday to this type of metabolism.
Krista is competing this weekend for the first time (novice??), as a practice to the Beverly International on April 28th.
Go Vitamin K!!!


LizN said...

Go the K! She's looking good :)

LIz ;)

PS Hooray for a great deadlift session today.

Anonymous said...

She looks awesome!!!

125kgs deadlifts are very impressive!

Lisa said...

She is more than awesome.
I am happy my lifitng is coming together now.


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