Saturday, March 15, 2008

A bit of a powerlifting chat

I have another new squat suit, and this is it. When I first started lifting I bought a basic suit that I was able to both squat and deadlift in, and as I progressed I then moved into suits made specifically for each lift. As I was preparing for the Commonwealth Titles I was advised by the resident squatting legend that I should be wearing a smaller suit - so I ordered the next size down. It arrived this week, and I was once again shocked at how small it is and Rod laughed at the size and reckons it wouldn't go over my calves (which it did). In fact I put it on one leg and got it over my knee - just! While I may be in a bit of pain after it goes on Rod has to actually get me into it, although we will get another lifter to give us a hand the first few times. As it is "competition fit" I won't wear it until the last few weeks once my bf is lower, in the meantime I will wear my previous competition suit.

The basic suit I bought 2 years ago is now my light training suit that I wear as the weight starts to get heavy. It is funny that 2 years ago, and at the same scale weight, I really struggled to get in on, and in fact it took about 4 goes to get it up. Today I can slip it on in about 1 minute; amazing body composition changes.

Today is weigh and measure day, and I will post up some pics for you all to see where I am at the 6 week mark.

Have a strong Sunday


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