Saturday, March 15, 2008

6 weeks to comp

Today's Scale weight 59.8kgs

Body fat 14.5%

I will post a pic and stats every 14 days to show my progress.


Anonymous said...

Love the pic. You are looking fantastic.

Lisa said...

Thanks Cat. I am not in the same league of leanness as the figure girls - but it keeps me in shape.


LizN said...

You are looking fantastic Lisa, healthy, lean and athletic!


Lyndsay said...

Wow! Look at your lovely shoulders and tum! And topped off with a smile too. You should be very proud of that bod for everything it is capable of - and for how it looks. Good on you.

Raechelle said...

You look damn fantastic girl...Very healthy!
Good work!

Combat Girl said...

WOW Lisa,

I love the smile that is attached to that awesome body. You have plenty to smile about.

Go Lisa Go Lisa Go Lisa

Lisa said...

I appreciate the comments - thanks. Although these shots are very real with harsh lighting.

It wil be interesting to see what impact 2.5kgs of bf less makes.I will keep you all updated.


Anonymous said...

I'm likeing it a lot :)
where has that shy young girl gone......
bring it on wonderwoman



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