Monday, March 03, 2008

The good news.

There are 2 issues to be dealt with, and the first seems to be pretty much well under control this morning. The sharp pain at the side of the knee radiating down is a minor peroneal nerve impingement. After some intensive physio and acupuncture last night, the pain has subsided dramatically and I as long as I keep up a "nerve de sensitising" exercise I should be all good to squat next week. That is a relief!

The not so good (but not bad news)
At this stage it looks as though the pain in the back of the knee is a potential hamstring tendonitis. This morning the back of my knee and lower hamstring is swollen and stiff. I iced this last night and this morning and will move to heat therapy today.
So the wrap up it is not the knee cap, nor a structural issue. It may be sore for a while but I can train to my level of comfort. Powerlifitng is a multi disciplined sport, and today is bench day so my training goes ahead as usual.
As an athlete it is not a case of if you get injured, but managing the injuries you will get. Early intervention, cold therapy and rest has probably saved me from a greater injury. I would much prefer to take this week easy, than struggle with sever tendinitis 2 weeks out from comp.
Happy days!


Raechelle said...

Good news! it's always a relief to find when an injury is manageable.
Take it easy!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that is a great relief for you. Still sucks but at least its manageable.

Hope you are having a good day

Anonymous said...

Good to hear its nothing too bad and that you have everything under control.


Lisa said...

Yes, relief all round.


Dianna Broeren said...

Hi Lisa
Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me you recommendation on Dallas. I love the header on your blog!

Ali said...

Hope our early intervention pays off and your recover ASAP.

enjoy Sydney!!!

Ali xxx

Lisa said...

Di, the header is from a photo Dallas took.

Thanks Ali - recovery looks good at this point.


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