Friday, March 07, 2008

The knee
It has been 5 days since I injured my knee in Monday's squat session. I have been compliant with the treatment and exercises required to heal and prevent further injury. I had 2 days off training this week - lucky timing with my trip to Sydney - although the flights didn't do me any favours. I have done a couple of upper body training sessions, and a small amount of bike, rower and cross trainer. Today it feels better than it has all week, so it is healing. However today I test how it is at with heavy deadlifts and light squats.
I will take more time in my pre work out warm up to make sure I have done all the correct activation exercises as I want all the surrounding muscles and joints doing the work they are suppose to to ease the load. I have downed a huge bowl of oats for breaky so I am well feed to heal and work out.
Fingers crossed


Combat Girl said...

Good luck Lisa!

Hope it works out well and you don't further aggrevate your injury.


Raechelle said...

Good luck! fingers and toes are crossed!

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