Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some things I have learnt.

This could be a long post, so grab a green tea or a black coffee to stay awake. I have been competing in events that require a weight management/reduction strategy for 6 years now. I always managed to hit my goal or got pretty close by being super disciplined, fighting hard and never giving in. I managed a pretty decent off season bf % and my commitment was the envy of my family and friends; sound familiar? Well, today I am going to admit the embarrassing fact that for the most part, the things I “knew” about what my body was intolerant or sensitive to, were wrong. Let me give you my list of previously held beliefs;

· I am incredibly carb sensitive, and I need to cut them out to lose weight,
· I am sensitive to dairy, and it bloats me and stops me losing weight,
· I have a very clean system and I don’t need to detox,
· I have a slow metabolism and need to cut calories very low to drop weight,
· When I drop bf I lose strength,
· Creatine bloats me,
· Supplements like BCAA’s are a waste of money.

Yesterday at the leanest I have been in a couple of years, I totally ripped up my training session and I consumed the following food as part of my weight loss program.
· 2/3 cup raw oats, 30gm WPI, 50gm berries, 20gms yoghurt, black coffee
· 125gm yoghurt, 15gm pea protein, 10gm nuts
· 130gm raw chicken, lettuce, 10gm fat
· 125gm goat yoghurt, 15gm WPI, 5gms almond paste
· 35gms WPI, 2 cups berries, 2 cups iced tea
· 120gms raw chicken, 3 cups veggies, 10gms fat

I also had the following supps
· 12 fish oil tabs
· 8 digestives
· 30gms BCAA’s
· 30gms Glutamine
· 30 gms Glycine
· 2 creatine tabs
· 4 green tea tabs, 2 tsp l-carnitine
· 1 tabs vital greens

This is pretty much what I eat every day, and have done so over the past 6 weeks to lose 3kgs. I also have to say that I don’t feel like I am “dieting” in any way, I am not hungry and I there is definitely NO STRUGGLE.

How did I get here? I would like to take the credit, but I am the culprit of the incorrect beliefs. There is no way I would have ever measured out 2/3 cup of raw oats cooked them up and then added berries and yoghurt while I was dieting! OMG! Fat chance!

Firstly thanks to Liz I had the Gene Elite profiling done, which came back with excellent fat metabolism and insulin management results. Then Krista’s data concurred with this, however she turned up organ detox, yeast and parasite issues. Of course I was shocked given that I had such a “clean” system. So after a 4 week clean and green detox, she added carbs and organic yoghurt back into the diet. I then did a 10 day Blackmore’s detox program to get the organs to operate as they should. I am also avoiding all sugar, fermented foods, alcohol and processed grains to tackle the yeast issue. In the meantime I can’t live without my supps to maintain my lean muscle mass.

The moral of the story is, no matter how well you think you know your body unless you have scientific data you could be wrong. You could be letting your beliefs rule your life.

If it is a struggle, my guess is you could be wrong.



Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks for sharing Lisa. I can't wait to save up for my genetic profiling, it's going to be worth every single cent.

Have a fabulous day! :o)

Lisa said...

It is worth it, and it has made my life so much easier.


Antigone said...

WOW hun sounds like the scientific approach really is paying off.
I think it is really helpful to get ouside opinions and advice I know that it's helped get me back on tarck :)
Hope your having a lovely sunday :)

Lisa said...

Hey Em,

I had a great Sunday - thanks

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