Friday, March 28, 2008

Weight management update time

16th March, 59.8kgs - 29th March 58.5kgs

4 weeks to comp

Today's Scale weight 58.5kgs
Body fat 13%

So here we are in the cruel light again. I refer pics taken in harsh lighting as there is no hiding from the truth. I started new protocols 12 days ago with Krista, and I have seen a very good result. I have had a 1.3kg scale loss, and 1.5% bodyfat loss. These protocols are designed with very specific supplement and nutrient timing with my lifting sessions, and some additional high intensity interval training (HIIT), to facilitate fat loss while maintaining lean muscle and allow performance and recovery.



Antigone said...

Looking good hun :)
What ever you are doing it is paying off hun, keep p the great work :)
Have a great weekend :)

Antigone said...

Oooo I forgot to thankyou for your kind and thoughtfull comments on my blog, you have helped me to work through some mental blocks of which I thought I would never get through so thankyou very much :)

Lisa said...

Em, it has taken some time to get it right, but I am flying now.

Happy I could help - often all it takes is someone to give a different perspective.


Magda said...

Great progress in a relatively short time frame Lisa. I can tell your feeling stoked (oops pardon the pun LOL)



Lisa said...

pun excused Magda - and I am!


Charlotte Orr said...

Great work Lisa! I'm enjoying following your progress.

LizN said...

You look great Lisa :)


Lisa said... is such a terrible photo! However I do know what you mean.

Raechelle said...

Look at them abs! Go girl!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic

Anonymous said...

I am just catching up with everyone's blogs. Awesome work within a short time frame. You are looking fabulous. Those skinny legs OMG!!


Ali said...

AWEsOme progress Lisa!!

and just great to eat how much good quality food you eat to get in this wonderful condition!!

Ali xx

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