Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a week!

It has been a huge week for me, and I have reached a couple of very important milestones. Probably the one with the most impact is that I left my full time IT career yesterday. I woke today feeling very calm, and I am not sure it has hit home that on Monday I don't go into work. I can't even imagine what 4 weeks of being a full time athlete will be like. Of course I have my rowers to coach and a couple of other PL clients to train, but that is not work. Ahh........

This week my website went live, which is very exciting for my future plans, and now I have heaps of time I will be adding to it and blogging a lot more about the final 4 weeks of my preparation. On the subject of my preparation I have had a sensational weeks training, and I am seeing strength increases and great recovery. Rod has done a fantastic job of pacing my training and I will peak at exactly the right time...I can just feel it.

Krista is continuing to support and inspire me. Her win last weekend at her first ever BB competition was awesome, and despite her competiton she has been fully available to me and my journey. I have been working with her for about 10 weeks now, and I have never been so strong at such a lean bf%. She really know her stuff, and I can see that I will hit 56kgs in 4 weeks time strong and ready to fire. I have dropped more weight this week and I am about to get my measurements done, so I will post up a pic and details later this morning.

On the subject of inspiring women, I had the great pleasure of having coffee with Cat last Saturday. I can tell you that for someone who has had to deal with massive health issues, she is positive, vibrant and a really great chick. Now that I have heaps of time during the day I think Cat and I will be having coffees more often.

Right now it is time for coffee and oats. I will be back with updated pics in a few hours so in the meantime have a great Saturday!


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