Monday, March 17, 2008

Who's a happy girl? Me!
My squat session was fantastic this morning. Today was all about seeing where my squat was at, so the plan was to attempt 3's at 85% of my planned squat of 125kgs. So that is 3 reps @ 112.5kgs. I have spent all of Jan and Feb relearning a new technique and didn't squat anymore than 60kgs. Over the past 3 weeks I did 5's at 80kgs, then 85kgs but nothing last week with the injury so it was a big jump in weight and would really test my new technique.
The warm up and up to 100kgs looked very fast and heaps of power. We then went to 107.5kgs, and I was nervous like a comp lift. I hit the first one but dropped my chest on the second so Rod stopped it there. We went back to 100kgs which was great, then 105kgs which again was strong although there was a slight dip in the chest but my line stayed up.
So in summary I am probably a little behind due to the changes and injuries, and I do need to watch my chest under heavy load. However I have 5 more weeks to sort that out and make up any ground.
I am very pleased with today, and feel extremely lucky to be in such a strong position considering the lead up.


Anonymous said...

Thats fantastic, you must feel so relieved. You will catch up quickly i'm sure. Bring on the new records!!!

Raechelle said...

That's great that your body has responded so well to the rest it had....sign of an elite athlete!

Lisa said...

Very relieved, and time to make up ground.
Woo Hoo.

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