Sunday, March 16, 2008

Squat Day
I am feeling kind of excited this morning as it will be the first time in months that I will be squatting without worrying about my knee. I have had some rapid recovery in the past 5 days since having my pelvis and knee re aligned, which I am sure has been helped along by the fact that I now know there in nothing structurally wrong with my knee. I am walking so much more smoothly and I can feel proper glute activation in my left glute.
I have 6 more heavy squat sessions before my comp, and today will give me a good indication of where I am at after having missed some time with injuries. I know I will have some ground to make up, but I am so excited as there is nothing as sweet as hitting your groove on the perfect squat!


Anonymous said...

Thats fantastic. I hope squat day has gone smoothly.

Raechelle said...

You go girl...but just don't hurt yourself again!
Do I sound like your mum? Sorry! Since I never had kids myself-I feel the need to mother others...adults, kids, dogs..whatever!
Stay strong!

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