Monday, April 14, 2008

11 days to go
I am getting down to the business end of my preparation now. My high fat day which immediately yielded a 400gm scale loss, is being followed 3 days later by a high carb day. I start my pre contest protocols on Sunday which includes increases supps, plus new ones to fortify my system and to pull out the last 1kg in water weight so I don't need to hit the sauna. I am the lightest and therefore leanest I have been in 12 months, and I am aiming for 57.5kgs on the scales on Sunday AM (6 days out). I will take progress pics and have bf measurements done as an update.
I squatted strongly yesterday with multiple clean lifts at 115kgs, my last squat session is next Monday. I have last deadlift session on Friday, and I will bench Thur, Sun and last session next Tues. I have dropped HIIT and this has been replaced by steady state cardio.
I am swinging from totally excited and pumped, to concern about making weight - crazy cause I am all but there. The protocols from Krista are very different and the unknown can be scary.
If I am absent from time to time I am just off preparing in some way.

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Magda said...

Lisa, I can feel your excitement and nervousness. Totally understandable. Wishing you all the best over the next week and half.



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