Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am doing my 57.9kg dance today!
I dropped to 57.9kgs today. I am 400gms of my pre comp target & I have dropped 4kgs since February. The best thing is that I had a higher carb day yesterday which stimulated the metabolism enough to nudge the number down. Since having a high fat and high carb day in a 4 day period I have dropped 500 gms. Krista really knows what she is doing!
Off to train some strength clients and I think they are about to push out some PB's!! (not that they know this yet)

Have a good one.


Splice said...

Well done Lisa they are some impressive results!

Lisa said...

Thanks Deb. I hope up you are recovering well.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic well done. Goodness not long to the comp, i'm sure you can't wait.

If you fancy being creative i tagged you for a meme to come up with a 6 word memoir.

Lisa said...

Hi cat,
I will do my best to be creative today.


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