Saturday, April 12, 2008

Deadlift gear

I use an Inzer Max DL suit. This is what they say the benefits are...

The MAX DL will propel you through sticking points and blast your deadlift to new heights.
You will experience enormous rebound off the floor and a huge carry-through.
Squeezes the body like a powerful wrap ensuring support all the way through the lift.
Its unique cut and ultra heavy material is designed to provide vertical, horizontal and diagonal support for every deadlift pull which will keep your body stable and strong through successful completion of every lift.

I can confirm that these claims are pretty true. The suit does squeeze the body, and at first it is difficult to bend forward enough to grab the bar. When you finish a rep and let the bar go the suit will cause you to spring up quickly - hence my coach calls me speedy!

It gives me about 5-7.5kgs more in a lift, it is very supporting and combined with my belt it would be near impossible to injure my back.

Here is something you didn't know - I deadlift in long socks and jiffys.



Lyndsay said...

haha. Love the Jiffy's!

An extra 5-7.5kg on lifts? Wow!

Lisa said...

The jiffys are great and the closest we can get to lifitng in our socks!

I get more out of my squat suit but I will take 5kgs more on my deadlift.


Em said...

So when you finish your best deadlift ever you don't just shout YAY you can actually breakout into a ballet routine hehe

I was really suprised about what this suit can do to help you achieve your goals, fantastic.


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