Saturday, April 05, 2008

I am going to sound like a bloke for a short moment and delight in a big weight lifted. I deadlifted 130kgs x 2 reps yesterday, 3 weeks out from comp. I am thinking that Rod has me peaking at just the right time!


Ezza said...

Holy crackers Lisa! You are a little pocket rocket, and a true inspiration to me. Good luck with the rest of your prep... x

Lisa said...

Thanks Erica...I have a some heavy squatting to do tomorrow, and I will feel much more at ease after I have that number on the board!


Raechelle said...

Doesn't sound like a bloke to me-sounds like a real woman!! Awesome stuff!

Lisa said...

Ha ha...yes you are right Raechelle.

Kristy said...

Hi Lisa

I always welcome feedback and must admit I haven't really looked at that quote for a while, but yes your right. Food can be yummy and healthy. Thaks for your feedback and it might be time to find a new quote ;)

Are there any quotes you recommend?


Antigone said...

Hun That is fantastic :)
You must be so proud of yourself!

Lisa said...


You need to look inside yourself for inspiration, as the difference between success and failure is in your mind.

The answers you seek are within.


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