Monday, April 07, 2008

Recovery Time
I had a good squat session yesterday that really consolidated my technique. I was in day 4 of my cycle so as the energy was low we don't push it. My knee wraps have aggravated my knee a little today so I am off for a decent hot/cold therapy session this morning.
After that it is coffee with a girlfriend, then a light cardio recovery session later today. My mind really needs this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
what is your current mobile number or e mail address can you let me know so I can contact you


Lisa said...


Antigone said...

Hi Hun :)
How is your knee? I am sorry but gee I had a giggle at your chosen therapy I used to do this exact same therapy on my mustering horses hehe

Lisa said...

Em...well we are all thoroughbreds after all!


Ali said...

130kgs!!! how awesome is that Lisa. Hope your knee has totally recovered and you had a great catch up with your mate,

Ali xxx

Lisa said...

The knee is almost better - the wraps cause a nerve impingement on ocassion. It is painful, butnot serious. The phyio released it and was 80% improved immediately.


Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Lisa

Doris here. just read re comment a little down about lifting. i am just a little curious about the weight you lift as I would like to know what they measure in weight as a whole. so like, you Deadlift 130kg, is that 55kg each side and a20kg olypic bar??? Sori I don't mean to harp on about the same subject. Just trying to understand 'powerlifting'. And in gear, you obviously mean a weight belt and wrist guards??. Yes quite true about how the mind works when you lift. If you say this is too heavy, you will not lift it. But if you are confident in your abiltiy, you will acheive it. Where is your comp, I would be interested in watching to understand more about powerlifting. Dxx

Lisa said...

Doris, no problem at all

The weights are total including the bar. The bar is always 20kgs.

I wil do a post about my gear for you.

I am lifting on Sat 26th at 10am in the queen st Mall outside Myer. Love to see you there.


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